Let me introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Emily and I’m 20 years old. I am not very good at introducing myself, but I’m going to give it a try. I am passionate about foodScreen Shot 2017-07-13 at 13.33.33.png, travel and education. For me, these three aspects of my life are most important.

Speaking of education, I’m currently on a gap year and am hoping to restart my studies next October. I was lucky enough to receive a place at my dream university studying my dream course, so this year has given me some time to reflect and regroup before the stresses and pressures begin again. Hopefully with the time left before I begin my course, I plan on travelling as much as possible, with Japan, South-East Asia and Central/South America on my to-do list for this year.

Aside from these aspects of my life, I enjoy taking time to myself to play sports including figure skating (which I am really really bad at! Anyway…) and trampolining. My latest challenge is to teach myself to play the saxophone, something I have always been interested in but never had the time to pursue. I am planning on beginning a few new hobbies now I have more free time, with horse-riding, scuba diving and yoga all high up on my list of interests.

Emily x


Why did I choose a vegan lifestyle?

Choosing to become a vegan is no easy decision. Well, at least it wasn’t for me. Personally, in the beginning, becoming vegan meant giving up chocolate, sweets and most importantly cheese. It sounded like a challenge, a challenge I was more than happy to take on. Yet, with the right research and hours trailing through supermarket shelves, it is easy to find vegan alternatives to all of your non-vegan favourites. 

1. Veganism protects animals from the food industry. After watching countless documentaries on the subject, I decided that a vegan lifestyle was something I wished to pursue. I watched a whole host of programs, from Vegucated to Earthlings and everyone seemed to show the wide range of benefits of a plant-based diet on the animal population. My eyes were opened into a whole host of animal-welfare issues that lay out of the public eye.  

2. Maintaining a vegan diet has many proven health benefits. As an aspiring medic, I took a greater interest in the effect a vegan diet can have on the body than animal-welfare issues. Benefits include reducing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. 

3. Veganism has a direct positive impact on the environment. Farming for agriculture has a negative effect on the environment. Animal waste must be disposed of and in doing so the environment becomes more polluted. Farming uses resources that would otherwise be used to feed humans. 

Emily x